Lightining bolt out of the blue was flash of inspiration!

BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE -- lightning strikes during the game.
BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE -- lightning strikes during the game.
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Heavy rain left many pitches waterlogged and decimated the local-foootball programme across the Dispatch district last weekend.

But not even this bolt of lightning could prevent the Notts Youth League match between Hucknall Sports Under-15s White and Edwalton Cavaliers going ahead.

Instead it proved to be a flash of inspiration for Sports as they went on to win 4-2!

The picture was taken by Joanne Stenson, mum of one of Sports’s players at the match, which was played at the Goosedale sports compex off Moor Road in Bestwood Village.

Sports were struggling at the time. “But then this spark of inspiration arrived from the most unlikely of sources,” says manager Stewart Bowley.

“The heavens opened, with hailstones, lightning bolts and wild, lashing rain bringing a temporary halt to proceedings.

“Both teams took shelter, waiting for it to pass over and on the return to play, we looked a different team, playing to our magnificent best!”