Manager Adam Murray welcomes Mansfield Town pricing plans

Mansfield Town Chairman John Radford 'Picture by Dan Westwell.
Mansfield Town Chairman John Radford 'Picture by Dan Westwell.

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray was full of praise for the club’s announcement it will at least freeze admission prices next season - and try to cut them if possible.

Chairman John Radford is looking into costs now and Murray said it underlines the positive steps the club is taking to build a strong future.

“If he can do it he will,” said Murray of Radford’s efforts. “If he could have everyone coming in for £1 he would, I know that.

“It sums the man up. This club is life and soul to him – I know how much he cares about it.

“I see the off-the-pitch stuff, I see him trying every day and giving me ideas of what we can do to improve things.

“I know if he could run it for free he would – that’s the type of bloke he is and that’s how he wants to run the club. He wants everyone in the town to be a part of it.”

Murray added: “The chairman and the board are doing all they can to keep driving this club forward and progressing.

“That’s my biggest driver as a manager is to progress it. It might be one per cent, it might be 50 per cent. Those guys off the pitch are doing the same. “We’ve seen this year, as I said pre-season, the one per cents will add up – and they have.

“Even the rain covers we brought in on Saturday – massive. We were putting them on on Saturday and I was standing there saying I feel like we’re a proper football club now.

“We’re not there yet, but we are getting there. It feels like we are building something here with everyone buying in.

“The rain covers show how far we’ve come. That’s the type of thing. I know the training ground is well on course for next season as well.

“We should be a very proud football club at the minute.”