Managers in war of words ahead of local derby

Mansfield vs Lincoln - Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley - Pic By James Williamson
Mansfield vs Lincoln - Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley - Pic By James Williamson

Lincoln City manager Danny Cowley has challenged Steve Evans’ statement that signing Michael Bostwick cost the Imps £300,000.

Ahead of Saturday’s derby game at Sincil Bank, Mansfield Town manager Evans had said he was impressed by Lincoln’s ambition in paying that sort of money for the Peterborough midfielder.

But Cowley dismissed the suggested figure.

“To me he is worth double that,” said Cowley. “But the reality is that we didn’t pay a quarter of that figure.

“I’m pleased Steve rates him, it will mean a lot to Michael.”

Feeling Evans’ claims were mind-games, Cowley said: “It should be about the football.

“People come to watch 22 players, 11 v 11, and watch what happens between the paint in the 90 minutes. It’s certainly never been about me.

“I don’t ever want to get involved in a tit-for-tat with anyone in a public domain because I don’t see that being beneficial to my players.

“We’re all competitive and we’re all looking to get an edge. Steve Evans will rightly be looking to get an edge for his team.

“If he thinks the way to get that edge is by exaggerating how much we’ve spent on players, then that’s his prerogative, that’s what he’s got to do.

“But for us, I don’t think my players improve by me being disrespectful about the opposition or the way they go about things. I don’t that see the point of that.

“We’ve all got to work within the restrictions we have at our football clubs. We’re just going to put all of our focus on us.”

However, Stags boss Evans retorted: “I see I’ve been criticised for saying how Michael Bostwick cost.

“There are some counter-claims saying it was a third of that. Do me a favour – don’t speak any more!

“But I only ever give praise to clubs who spend money and want to be progressive.”