Mansfield boss Adam Murray back in front of the media

Mansfield Town Manager Adam Murray. Picture by Dan Westwell
Mansfield Town Manager Adam Murray. Picture by Dan Westwell
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Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray yesterday staged what has become a rare occurrence in recent weeks – a press conference.

Local newspapers, radio and StagsPlayer subscribers had become frustrated over the past month by Murray’s reluctance to speak or allow his players to speak in midweek.

However, he was suddenly back in business yesterday in the middle of a two-week lay-off from action for the club and said: “I know you lot have lost your heads because I haven’t spoken to you for a few weeks, but it’s good. Everybody needs it.

“You look at the start of the season I was talking to you two or three times a week and it was becoming boring and mundane talking about the same things.

“You get bored, I get bored, the fans start getting bored because it just turns into talking for talking’s sake.

“But I think the break has done everybody good. It’s brought us all back physically and mentally fresh and we now have a real drive and focus about Saturday as we want to kick on again.”