Mansfield Town blog: Chris Clements needs to have more of an impact on Stags team

Chris Clements -Pic by: Richard Parkes
Chris Clements -Pic by: Richard Parkes

I feel nearly all the signings made so far by Mansfield Town, and the players that have been released, have been the right decision.

I would have liked Ritchie Sutton to have stayed as he has run through brick walls for this club as well as playing everywhere you can imagine in defence. The only thing I question personally is trying to re-sign Chris Clements.

So far I think in less than 20 games Jack Thomas has made more an impact than what Clements has in all the years has been at the Stags.

There’s no doubt Chris Clements has talent, but, for a man who’s quoted by Stags manager Adam Murray as ‘the best midfielder in the league,’ he should be grabbing his team mates and games by the scruff of its neck.

In a team that are doing well then Chris would probably be decent, but he’s not shown this often enough so in my opinion wouldn’t be a huge loss.

I do think the signing of Matt Green is a brilliant move and, if he stays fit and re-captures the form before he left to go to Birmingham, we have made a brilliant signing.

Adam Chapman signing for me is a questionable one as I still remember him for berating the Stags fans when we went to Newport away.

He may prove to be a good signing and I hope he does, but the biggest thing I’m hoping from Adam is to help Jack Thomas.

He and Adam Murray have a lot of Football League experience and that will help Jack for the coming years in his career.

As for the other two signings I haven’t heard to much about to be honest. I have heard abit about Mitchell Rose as I’m sure I can remember him playing for Rotherham reserves against Stags, but as for Malvind Benning I’ve heard nothing about.

In the coming weeks I’d like to see a centre back who would be a captain and a big leader for the Stags as we’ve not had this for a number of years.

A really good goalkeper would also be crucial as well as it could save us at least 12 points a season.

We’ve been linked with goalkeepers in the last few weeks such as Scott Loach, Lewis Price and Kevin Pilkington.

The first two would be excellent additions and would lead any team. I do bear in mind though that knowing stags as I do I always get my hopes up only to be disappointed.

I would love to be happy with these two crucial positions in the coming weeks and months.

With pre-season coming up, embedding new players into the style in which Murray is going to like is going to take time. We could see many different formations used in pre-season.