Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray calls on side to go for glory in last 20 games

Adam Murray
Adam Murray

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray hopes his side’s attacking flair can fire them into the play-offs as they go into the final 20 games.

Without being reckless at the back, Murray wants his side to forget draws and go for wins in every game as they attempt to sneak into the top seven.

“At times we will take one on the chin like we did on Saturday,” he said.

“But we have 20 games left now and we’re in one of those predicaments where nobody before this season thought we’d be where we are and look at it and go ‘ well, we are now’, so the expectation is to do that. Yes, I get it, we want success.

“So let’s try to win every game. If we can win 50 per cent of our games we will be up there. So we’d rather win and lose, win and lose rather than win and draw three.

“We are going to have a go for 20 games and see where we end up. We want to try to sneak into that play-off place.

“I think probably three places will be taken, maybe four, so there are about six of us scrapping for that last four and we will be in the mix.

“We’ve 20 games left – let’s have a right good go and what will be will be. Let’s go and win football matches.”

Reflecting on the 3-1 defeat at AFC Wimbledon, he added: “On Saturday we played with a lot of attacking players and it’s brilliant going forward. We’ve just got to be careful at the other end.

“If you don’t take your chances, you can get sucker-punched. So it’s about getting the balance right.

“We’ve looked at different things, what works in what area and what works at the other end of the pitch and being ultra-secure or ultra-attacking. Now it’s about getting that balance.

“I am enjoying it, I think the football club is in a great place.

“The first team are trying to do the right things. Sometimes I have to learn that sometimes decision-making will be off at either end because, with all due respect, we are in League Two and if we were getting the right decisions every week the players wouldn’t be here.

“So we have to be patient with that. But we’re on the right track and I know we’ll end up where we need to be.”