Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray praises coaches for playing their part in current success

Micky Moore, Adam Murray and Richard Cooper.
Micky Moore, Adam Murray and Richard Cooper.

As Stags bask in the glory of three successive wins and fourth place in League Two, manager Adam Murray paid tribute to the talents of his coaches, Micky Moore and Richard Cooper, for the part they have played in the season.

Murray said: “I like to be blatantly honest and up front with people and I know at the time I got the job that people were saying Micky and Coops have got to go, they’re not good enough, they’ve not got the experience and this, that and the other. But what a load of rubbish.

“They are two of the most enthusiastic, qualified, modern, inspirational people that I could have by my side.

“Micky has coached, he’s been a coach educator, and knows the game inside out. He’s got more contacts than anybody I know. That works for us. He is a thinker.

“Coops is like myself, a young coach with load of enthusiasm, and he is qualified where he needs to be. He has great ideas. He brings a freshness and he is a motivator as well.

“We have some real differences in character and differences in thoughts and ideas and it works.”