Mansfield Town chairman John Radford quietly confident of a good season

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Without making any of his bold predictions of previous summers, Mansfield Town chairman John Radford is quietly confident his club can have a good season.

Radford has backed manager Adam Murray’s summer signings blitz and said: “If you look at teams that get promoted, they are teams who generally stick together and are consistent throughout a campaign.

“I feel that the team Adam which has put together has every chance of being successful this season.”

Answering questions from fans in Saturday’s programme, Radford said League Two success was the main aim.

“League success is the cornerstone to any club doing well; although a cup run is always most welcome, for the fans, players, officials and club accountant,” he said.

But to win a league title after a demanding campaign over the course of nine months is the most satisfying achievement any supporter, owner, manager, coach or player could wish for.

“If I could turn back time I would do things slightly differently, but overall I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made.

“We reached Wembley in my first year for the FA Trophy final, a third-place finish in the Conference Premier the season after, and a title-winning campaign in 2013 which included a memorable home tie in the FA Cup against Liverpool.

“We have put good foundations in place here and it’s clear for our fanbase to see, as well as the football world, that we have made positive strides forward.

“We want to evolve even more after two seasons of consolidation in the League and are also making strong our new youth system which should start bearing fruit in the next few years. Off the field, we are active in the community and commercially, and have enhanced the matchday experience in small ways.”

Off the pitch, fans have a new scoreboard to look forward to as well as development of the condemned Bishop Street stand eyesore

On the scoreboard, he said: “It should be ready by the end of August. That is the aim.

“It will be a full-coloured, 4.5 metre high display, to be situated at the North Stand end of the Bishop Street side of the ground. Also, a protective net will be in front of it to protect it from any mis-aimed shots.”

On Bishop Street, he added: “Over the last few weeks, our staff have been removing the majority of ‘dead wood’ from inside the stand itself.

“It was this which led to the stand being condemned all those years ago. The stand itself is structurally sound.

“Once all the wood has been removed we can then think about how we make best use of it.”