Mansfield Town just a win away from getting onto a run of success believes loanee Conor Shaughnessy

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Leeds loanee Conor Shaughnessy believes Mansfield Town are just a win away from going on a run of success.

Stags have only won twice all season, though are creating chances and Shaughnessy said: “It’s about building momentum.

“The games have been so close. It’s just fine details that maybe have not gone our way.

“Maybe it will take a bit of luck. But we are sure once we start converting those small details into goals, things will go our way and we’ll put a run together.

“We know that’s going to happen as a group so we are hoping everyone can stick together, the fans, and get behind us and the management and we’ll pull together to get the results.

“I think we all know as players we have been involved in teams that once you get that momentum it builds.

“One win, a result and a good performance and you see yourself move up the table.

“I think that is very likely to happen with the way we are working at the minute and performances we’re putting in.”

He added: “I think the performances have been pretty good though the results have obviously not gone our way for the majority.

“I think we are starting to see improvements in the performances all round and we need to turn them into results.

“We are putting in the hard work and creating the chances but we’re just not converting them chances at the minute.

“That is a whole team effort needed. But the performances have improved over the five games I have been here.”

The youngster has been delighted with how he has been received into the Stags fold since his arrival and is impressed by the quality of dressing room he is now a part of.

“It’s been really good – everyone has welcomed me with open arms and they are very enthusiastic,” he said.

“It’s a good mix of young and old pros with a really good work ethic who come in every day with a smile on their face ready to work.

“The five games have definitely warranted more points than we’ve got. We deserved more. But we can’t keep saying it. We have to turn it into results, starting this weekend at Grimsby.”

Shaughnessy started his first four games in midfield before being drafted into the defence last weekend and said: “I really enjoy both positions. I really don’t like nailing myself down in one position.

“I think it’s good to be able to do both. I really enjoyed playing in midfield for the first four games here and have enjoyed playing at the back at the weekend as well. I am happy to slot in anywhere the manager wants me.”

His first experience of life in League Two has been a good one so far.

“It’s been really interesting,” he said. “I have seen a lot of quality players in this league and there are a lot of quality players here.

“Obviously people mix it up as well with the physicality, which is expected. We are dealing with longer balls as well as technically good players so it’s a good mix.

“I am really enjoying the football so far. I want to play as many games as possible at this level and get the experience I need.

“The physicality of it is good for me. There is no comparison playing as many games as you can against men and playing for results every week. I can already feel myself learning and improving and I hope that continues.”

League Two is also offering him the adventure of many new grounds – including the usual hostility of Blundell Park this Saturday.

“I have heard a few whispers in the changing room but I don’t know a lot about Grimsby. I am really looking forward to the weekend,” he smiled.

“It doesn’t matter what ground you are paying at as long as you put the performances in and hopefully we can get a result there.

“Everyone is keeping positive. We can carry on putting in the hard work or go under. Everyone is willing to go again to get a result the following week.”

Unfortunately for Shaughnessy, two of his five games have seen him and the side booed off after defeats to Cambridge and Plymouth.

“It’s not a new experience,” he grinned. “I have been booed off before and I am sure I will be booed off again. It’s all part of the experience.

“We all know fans are not going to be satisfied when we are not winning games.

“They pay money to come and see us and it’s our responsibility to put in a performance and get the results for them.

“You can understand it from their side. I just hope they stick with us and the performances and results will definitely come.”