Murray has signed new deal to stay as Mansfield Town manager

Stags boss Adam Murray.
Stags boss Adam Murray.

Mansfield Town boss Adam Murray today confirmed he had already signed a new two-year contract to stay at the helm.

With most attention focused on players coming and going, Murray said he had already sorted out his future, though exact details of the contract remain under wraps.

He explained: “Last season I didn’t push it as I wasn’t the main priority. Now we’ve got the job done and our targets met, I can begin the get things nailed down and I was one of them. So we’ve sorted that out.

“How long I am here will all depend, which I wanted, on how successful I am.

“If I am not doing what I feel is right I am not going to sit here and collect a wage. I’m not that kind of person.

“People know I demand high standards of everyone so I demand them of myself and I wanted my deal to be kind of progression-based and achievement-based. That’s how it’s ended up and I’ve got what I feel is fair, so you’re stuck with me for a while now.

“Players, agents, people in the game now want to come and talk to us because they know we are a little bit out the box. They are excited to see what we are going to do next year, so it’s really positive.

“I’ve said to my staff if I ever go into that kind of management mode that becomes mundane and typical manager kind of way of doing things then slap me round the face.

“The game has turned into a new breed. It’s moving very quickly and we are going to be a part of that.”