No fear for Adam Murray as Mansfield Town retained list looms

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Adam Murray says he has no fear in making big decisions as he prepares to announce Mansfield Town’s retained list for next season.

The Stags boss is expected to unveil his plans for the 2015/16 campaign on Tuesday as he looks to build a winning forumla to help Mansfield Town improve next season.

But Murray knows that it has been a tricky week at the One Call Stadium as players’ attentions turn to where they will be playing their football next season.

Said Murray: “Players are wondering what is happening with their futures and it makes things tricky.

“If you are wondering where the next pay packet is coming from or how you are going to pay your mortgage or support your kids, it is tough.

“The way things have gone this has season has not been ideal, but we want to end it on a high.

“I am asking for focus and professionalism, but it is tough when players are thinking about their future for next season and their life is on the line.

“As a footballer your destiny is in your hands, but certain players have not done enough to control that destiny.

“It was a situation I was never in because I always worked hard enough to be offered a new contract.

“It is an uncertain time, which is never good. I will not let sentiment influence things, it is about making the right decisions for the club and that is what I must do over the summer.

“I have got no problems with what I will have to do.”

Only Jack Thomas, Joe Fitzpatrick and Corbin Shires have definite deals for next season.

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