Postponement spoils Hucknall Town’s 75th anniversary day


The late postponement of Ashland Rovers’ visit to Hucknall Town last Saturday took the edge off the club’s big 75th anniversary day.

Rovers were unable to raise a team, so the afternoon ended up football-free though the evening celebrations went ahead as planned.

“It messed up a lot of plans as we had a lot of people coming that were coming for the whole day,” said Hucknall boss Andy Graves.

“But with the game being off some didn’t travel.

“We had the Warriors lads as mascots, that was all arranged. We had Mark Spencer the MP sponsoring the game and attending with all his guests too.

“All in all it was a bit of a flat day. It was disappointing, but these things happen.”

Graves has no idea why Rovers were so light on players.

“All I know is my secretary told me they only had eight players on Friday and couldn’t raise a side,” he said.

“To be perfectly honest the rules state you can play with seven, but would you really want to come to play us with seven players at the moment?

“I can understand their situation. We have to live with it.”

He added: “One good thing from the weekend was that I want to watch Pinxton v Swanwick and Pinxton dropped their first points of the season, so that’s made it very interesting at the top.”