Stags boss set to recharge batteries

Mansfield Town's Manager Steve Evans - Pic Chris Holloway
Mansfield Town's Manager Steve Evans - Pic Chris Holloway

After signing 11 players in 21 days, Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans admits he is ready for a few days off with his family this week.

Evans has worked tirelessly to replace the 11 players he released at the end of the season and still wants another two or three to complete his new-look squad.

But he said: “I am hoping to get a break shortly, maybe this weekend and into next week. It’s been non-stop and my staff have all been away on holiday.

“But if you are trying to target a new player they’re wanting to speak to the head coach or manager.

“It was Bank Holiday weekend for some, but it was really busy for me, especially with Will Atkinson.

“I had to make two or three journeys down south to see not only him but his family and representatives.”

He added: “Everybody in football needs a break. I heard Jose Mourinho talk about switching off from football. I am now getting to the stage of wanting five or six days.

“You never totally switch off as you’re always aware of what’s going on. But it would be nice to enjoy some time with my family and get a break from the One Call Stadium. “As much as I love coming here, it’s been almost every day.”

But Evans won’t be soaking up the sun for a fortnight.

“Five or six days away is enough for me and I will be fresh and ready to hopefully just finalise the jigsaw if it’s not done before the end of the week,” he said.

“I do like playing a game of golf and just switching off, being able to talk about things with my daughters and my family rather than always talking about players, systems and shapes.

“I must admit I’ve watched more football clips of players in the last month than I thought I possibly could do.

“You have to try to get your recruitment right.”

It has been an intense three weeks of racing all over the country to nail down his targets, but Evans said: “I have a duty to the chairman and chief executive and a big duty to the Mansfield Town supporters to make sure that when they are going about their business in the summer that they have a manager totally focused on it.

“They were absolutely wonderful to me from when I first arrived to the end of the season and I think they’ve been quietly satisfied with the signings we’ve made.

“We’ll never really know the true picture of that until we start playing competitive games in August. But the signs are that we are going to be up there, as are other clubs.”