Stags boss speaks about Gillingham approach for first time

Steve Evans - Pic By James Williamson
Steve Evans - Pic By James Williamson

Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans today spoke for the first time about the approach for his services from League One Gillingham on Tuesday.

Stags chairman John Radford refused the Gills permission to speak to Evans, though there are reports they will be making a second approach.

Evans said he knew nothing of that and said: “All I know is the chairman told me I had an approach from Paul Scally to speak to me and the chairman told me had refused that permission.

“John Radford has had that four or five times since I came to the club, and I’ve only been here nine months or so.

“It’s always flattering but it’s not just about me, it’s about the players – their performances get you and your staff noticed. It’s recognition for all of us.

“You can never stop clubs wanting to approach you, whatever the level. It’s part and parcel of the business we’re in.”

He added: “What do I know of Gillingham? They are in the league above and a good club with a good chairman.

“I was in talks once with Gillingham at a previous stage of my career to go and join them, but it never happened.

“But my full focus is on Mansfield Town. John Radford told me to keep my focus on Colchester and he’d deal with the off-the-pitch stuff which we respect.

“I’ve not spoken to him since – I know he is not around for a day or so with business. But one thing I know working with him is that he keeps you fully in the picture – as does the chief executive.”

So would Evans consider working for Gillingham?

“If I was getting the job at Celtic I’d be in the car,” he smiled.

“You can never say never, but at this minute in time my only focus is Mansfield Town.

“People might say I’ve left it open but I haven’t. John Radford has made it very clear he wants me to carry on the work we’re doing here – and we’ve only just started this work.

“Obviously if John Radford had said he was happy for me to go and speak to whoever then you’d go and have a chat, as anyone would.

“If you are a plumber and you work for Jones’ Plumbers and Smith’s Plumbers want to talk to you, normally you’d go and have a chat.

“It doesn’t mean you want to talk – it’s just the way it is.

“I am very focused on the job here. I have a tremendous affinity with the people in the town. I am very happy and content both in my private life and my business life.”