Stags fans worried over Green transfer threat

Mansfield Town v Yeovil Town.    'Matt Green and Yeovil's Nathan Smith
Mansfield Town v Yeovil Town. 'Matt Green and Yeovil's Nathan Smith

Mansfield Town supporters are naturally nervous over stories that other clubs are planning to swoop for prize striker Matt Green before next Wednesday night’s August transfer window deadline.

Many see Green’s departure as an end to any hopes the Stags have of being in the promotion hunt this season with his goals impossible to replace.

Manager Adam Murray yesterday again underlined that the club do not have to sell to it would have to be a huge offer to prise him away or Green to want to leave the club.

But fans have voiced their concerns on social media and fans’ sites:

Stagsman1966 said: “What was the point in breaking this story to the press? If another club have made an offer for Matt Green (or any other player for that matter) and the potential buyer was told the player was not for sale, then that should be the end of it.

“No need to elaborate, especially to the press. Hang on! This story was revealed around 5.30pm on Saturday? A good way to deflect any questions about a lack lustre performance in the defeat to Plymouth around 30 mins earlier?... Sounds like a plan! Surely not? ;-)”

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DelboyStag said: “Okay, so what price is the right price for Matt? We don’t seem to have a good track record when it comes to getting the best price for players in the past.

“Remember what Haslam took for Baptiste? A mind boggling pathetic £10,000.... £10k, for someone who went on to play in the Premier League a couple of years later. Sam Clucas? Not too bad at the time, but look what those over the M1 made... Paid us about £160k, then sold him less than a year later for £1.3 million.

“Okay, so there was a sell-on clause, but there was also one with Hereford United when we sold him. Let’s hope Matt stays, but if he does go, then it’s for a very good price!

“If Matt goes will the club offer a refund to anyone who’s bought a season ticket? After all, we’re just four games into the season and many would have bought one expecting a decent season. Without Greenie, that probably won’t happen!”

OldStag said: “Other than the top clubs in the premier,every club sells their best players if the right offer comes along. I’ve seen many good centre forwards sold over the years from Waggy to probably Richie Barker being the last. None of us like it but it is inevitable really. I think Greenie will be here this season, rumour is he is being very well paid here and is happy.”

Backfour said: “So after all that let’s say MG will be leaving the club foregone conclusion surely as in the past everyone as a price tag? Will JR,AM listen to the fans regarding such a move, your balancing the books, paying off debts, sorry heard all before.

“Thought we were trying to improve the side/Chairman’s five-year plan/Championship football etc etc? Many years ago it was sell to survive today it’s being whatever you want to call it. Can’t wait for the next chapter, let’s hope it’s just paper talk.”

Showaddywaddy said the club would need a minimum of £1 million, adding: “Matt Green is in my opinion the best striker in league Two and would be amongst the best in League One.

“It will as said by others really test JR and his ambition. Even if we pocketed a million quid for Greeny to get another striker of his calibre to join Mansfield Town would be next to impossible. If anything we would end up out of pocket selling and replacing with someone as good.

“I would not hold it against Matt Green if he wanted to go - his last chance to play at a higher level was over before it started but I just hope he wants to stay and fire us to League One.

“He is already a club legend, if he smacks in another 20 goals in the amber and blue this year and helps us to promotion he will be close to becoming our ‘greatest ever’. Fingers and toes crossed.”

Market Mark said: “If JR thinks the town isn’t backing him now, then I’d hate to see a casual attendance in the games after a Green departure. Green is the best striker within our price bracket, we wouldn’t be able to attract better.

“Him staying is our only chance of getting out of this league in the next couple of seasons, it would set us back at least two seasons. He’s as important to us getting promoted out of League Two as he was instrumental in getting us out of the Conference.”

Golfmickeyboy said: “I don’t believe that JR would allow Greeny to leave unless the offer was impossible to refuse after all the time, work and money he invested to bring him here.

“I doubt that Bradford or anybody else would want to pay the sort of money that JR would be looking for. The other question that needs answering is, would Greeny want leave a club where he is idolised by the fans and is an almost automatic pick for a club where he might not even be first choice striker.

“He left once before for an ‘higher’ club and we all know how that turned out. He might just be at the point in his career where he is looking for a bit of stability.”

Johan pointed out: “I don’t understand what advantage Mansfield Town have gained by making all of this public? Unless we wanted to start a bidding war, then we’re going about it the right way.”

Tippy Tappy Football said: “Matt Green has a great deal at the Stags and I would not have thought that too many League One or Two clubs could offer him better terms. He needs to stay in any event to break the Stags goalscoring record!”

Robda1st said: “No matter what the club say things can change right up until the last minute on deadline day. Murray is just playing the media game but if we get a decent offer and if Green wants to go he will go.

“I do hope he stays though as I agree will will struggle to get anyone better at our level but if we do sell him don’t leave it until the last minute like we did with Clucas leaving us no time to get a replacement and no chance of getting anyone until January.”

Amber Andy said: “The club is rumoured to be Bradford City. They were probably testing the water with the first bid. If they are serious they will be back with a more realistic offer no doubt.

“I am relieved that if we are unfortunate enough to lose Green, AM has back up plans. He has done as much as he can for now, let us hope things won’t change.

“Whilst on the subject of the transfer market, I think we need to sign a left back to give Mal Benning some competition.”

Chris M said: “The loss of Matt Green could be as catastrophic to our football club as the loss of Richie Barker all those years ago.

“We never replaced him and quickly end up playing Conference football. Muzza almost sounds resigned to the fact that he cannot keep hold of him now. Money talks!”