Steve Evans promises more signings for Mansfield Town

Mansfield Town's Manager Steve Evans  - Photo by Chris Holloway
Mansfield Town's Manager Steve Evans - Photo by Chris Holloway

Mansfield Town fans can expect another three or four summer signings to add to the 10 already in the building as manager Steve Evans continues to build a squad he feels can compete at the top end.

Having released 11 players at the end of last season, Evans quickly got to work to bring in better quality and some of his dealings have raised envious eyebrows elsewhere.

“I have seen a couple of complimentary comments from other managers in the league about us getting on with our business,” he said.

“But we have been really efficient. We’ve not just woken up the day after Crawley and thought who are we going to recruit?

“We’ve been working on this for three or four months.

“We’ve got a couple of players still within the system that we’re going to see how they come back and how they acquit themselves in pre-season and whether they go forward with us.

“We don’t want too many players here, probably 22-23 is the optimum number.”

He added: “We are probably two or three, maximum four, players from where we need to be. If it’s four I don’t think the chairman or chief exec would have too many problems from where we are. If it’s two or three it would be the same answer.

“We’re just trying to add some good players to what we’ve already got in the building.”

The new signings have all down as well with last season’s remaining players as they have with supporters.

“It’s great that I get messages and calls from the squad who were here last year to say these are good signings. Players like to play with good players,” said Evans.

“You are rejoicing and looking towards the new season. It doesn’t mean you’re going to win games but it gives you a chance of winning games.”