Taste of international football for Rolls Royce U15 girls

HUCKNALL Six-A-Side League update.
HUCKNALL Six-A-Side League update.

Hucknall’s Rolls Royce Girl U15 are looking forward to their first taste of international football next week when they take on American touring side the US Strikers at the Rolls ground on Thursday, July 30 (7pm).

Rolls secretary Mandy Shire explained: “I went to a meeting for the girls league and they said an American team was coming over for a tournament at Trent University and were looking for friendlies.

“I think I was the only one who went up at the end of the evening and asked about it and they gave me an email address to organise it. As far as I know we are the only team they are playing a friendly against.

“The girls are all really excited and one of them has already said she hopes we will get a return fixture.

“We don’t really know anything abut them yet. We have sent them another email to tell them we will be laying on food for them after the game and would like to know a bit more about them.

“It is going to be a real test and probably a big shock to the girls as well as we are playing it on the big pitch and we have only played nine on nine games before.

“The coming season will be out first one playing at 11-a-side.”

She added: “It’s a good time to attract new players to girls football too after the TV coverage of the Women’s World Cup.

“We all watched England and it was really exciting, especially my youngest daughter, who loved it. She is a player here for Rolls Royce.”

Of the 24 football teams at Rolls Royce, the U15 girls are the only girls team and, although they currently have 13 players, could do with more.

After a poor season last time around, they have a new manager.

Anyone interested should contact Mandy Shore on 07854577983 for details.