YOUR SAY: Mansfield Town prices reasonable for OAP’s, but match day tickets are too expensive

The One Call Stadium, home of Mansfield Town FC.
The One Call Stadium, home of Mansfield Town FC.

I am a season ticket holder and shareholder of Mansfield Town and have been supporting them for the last 64 years.

As a senior citizen I consider the amount I pay is reasonable.

However, for the working man who has to pay on the day it is too high.

Stags prices under BBC Price of Football microscope

I think that by only having two or three cash turnstiles on match days the club is losing financially.

In my humble opinion I would estimate that close on £50,000 to £100,000 pounds per season is being lost through ‘short sightedness’ by some of the Directors.

Many people I have spoken to no longer bother going because of the time taken up having to go down early and queue.

If they decided to go within an hour of kick off its too late.

John Jordan

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