Mackenzie wins national title aged seven

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Radmanthwaite youngster Mackenzie Wragg has won his first national taekwondo title at the tender age of seven.

Mackenzie, who set out in the sport at the age of four, took part in his first competition in the England Open Championships At Alfreton Leisure Centre and won a gold medal in the pattern class for U8s.

A pupil at Farmillo School, Pleasley, Mackenzie joined Lloyds Heart of England ITF Taekwondo club at the age of four.

Initially he attended the junior class where instructor Sue Lloyd coached him through his belts until he gained his junior black belt.

There was also a variety of themes covering stranger awareness, 999 safety skills and much more. After that Mackenzie moved into the adult class where instructors Sue Lloyd and Chris Randle have continued to coach, mentor, guide and teach him, building confidence, self esteem, new skills, patterns and sparring techniques within this Korean martial art.

Mum Emma said: “Currently Mackenzie has achieved his yellow tag, yellow belt, and green tag in a short space of time.

“He lives this sport because it teaches him how to protect himself, he learns and applies discipline, teamwork and indomitable spirit.

“It is predicted that Mackenzie will gain his first degree black belt within the next two years. We, his family are extremely proud of him and his achievements.”