Mansfield swimmers chalk up over 400m personal bests at club championships

Mansfield Swimming Club members produced over 400 new personal bests over the four weeks of a very successful annual club championships.

By Sports Reporter
Tuesday, 14th July 2015, 9:54 am

This year’s championships saw 13 new swimmers having a go at their beginner’s width.

The spectators watched Stanley Jackson (5), Felix Wilson (6), Jonny Giddy (6), Corey Cook (6), Reece Bradley (6), Anna Seagrave (6), Georgia Gillespie (6), Madeline Gillespie (6), Poppy Shorthose (6), Emily Gibbions (6), Talulla Sowah (7), Charlotte Bingley (7), Dylan Preece (7) and Ethan Draycott (7) all tried for their very first time.

Helped by some of the more able swimmers to support them in the deeper part of the pool they all swam from the halfway mark to the end of the pool. All will receive a trophy at the presentation evening.

Throughout the championships a wide range of swimmers attempted some things for their first time.

Kieran Thompson (10) made his debut in the gruelling 1500m freestyle alongside club swimmers Rhys Taylor (15) and Ben Sharrocks (14). All three boys swam strongly with Kieran producing a new PB for himself.

Another race not for the faint hearted was the 400m IM. This year’s championships again saw two debutants to this event, Charlie May Meade (11) and Kieran Thompson (10) competing alongside Charlotte Baguley (15), Ben Sharrocks (14) and Rhys Taylor (15).

Fleur Beilby (12) was the only swimmer in the 200m butterfly and swam a very confident swim and gained herself a new PB in the other hardest event - the girls’ 800m freestyle.

Debutants for this event were Elli Seagrave (11), Amber Thompson (11) and Fleur Beilby (12).

The girls swam alongside Charlotte Baguley (15) and all pulled out massive PBs.

This year the club have seen a lot of new faces trying out with over 100 swimmers taking part in the competition.

For some of them it has been their first ever attempt at competitive swimming and their first British rankings.

Some of the new faces to competitive swimming, the club saw 17 swimmers in the eight and under category.

They had the opportunity to swim 25m in all strokes, and the more confident swimmers could have a go at the 200m freestyle.

Chloe Coleman (8) won the overall age group category for the girls, closely followed by Hannah Wilkinson (8), Mya Jackson (8), Lily Hammond (6), Summer Reeves (7), Amelia Hopkinson (7), Fern Davis (7), Louise Mulvanny (8), Iris Hafeli-Barton (8) and Daisy Wilson (8).

For the boys eight and under Callum Brookes (8) won the overall age group category, again closely followed by Sam Hammond (8), James Quinton (8), Mason Brown (8), Daniel Shaw (8), Stanley Milasinovich (7) and Charlie Merritt (5).

In the nine years age group category, 17 of the club’s newest swimmers to competitive action battled it out. Leah Seagrave won overall for the girls, followed by Amelia Hargrave, Olivia Tellwright, Charlotte Hopkinson, Scarlett Cook, Ruby Crowshaw, Orla Davis and Jenna Meade.

For the nine-year-old boys Lewis Meade won overall, followed by William Merritt, Max Burroughes, Robert Oswin, Lewes Shorthose, Carter Giddy, George Milasinovich, William Hilton and Bradley Ball.

In the 10-year-olds age group category for the girls Heidi Marriott won overall, followed by Evie Wilson, Macy Bradley and Jessica Bingley.

For the boys, Bailey Slater won overall, followed by Kieran Thompson, Ethan Mason, Jacob Brookes, Jorge Saxton, Zachary Bolton, Tyler Brown, Jake Spencer, Eli Hafeli- Barton, Kieran Draycott and Anthony Luque-Spalding.

The 11-year-old age group saw Elli Seagrave win overall for the girls, followed by Emily Freeman, Amber Thompson, Charlie-May Meade, Blaize Smith, Charlotte Oswin, Ellie Tellwright, Saffron Milner, Katie Bowman, Evie Rhodes, Madalynn Cox, Annie Bowman, Holly King, Amiee Hayes, Leoreena Outschoorn and Megan Dylan.

Mathew Wade won it overall for the 11-year-old boys, followed by Cameron Ball and Harrison Giddy.

The overall winner for the 12-year-old girls was Fleur Beilby, followed by Paige Vick, Louise Darby, Chloe Boulton and Eve Long.

Curtis Moss won it overall for the boys in this age group, followed by Joe Saxton, Jakub Szymczakowski and Shane Woofe.

For the 13-year-age group, Summer Kennedy was the only swimmer and won the overall age group category.

Elle Moss won the overall age group for the 14-year-old girls, followed by Abigail Watson, Lucy Bowman and Amelia Belcher.

For the boys’ 14-year-old age group, Ben Sharrocks won, followed by Joseph Hempsall.

In the 15-year-old age group Charlotte Baguley won overall and Charlotte Newstead finished second. In the boys, Rhys Taylor won overall, followed by Jack Saxton.

Samuel Watson won the overall age group for the 16-year-old boys.

For the 17 and overs Emily Canavan-Taylor took the overall title, followed by Emily Gee and Bethany Belcher.

For the boys’ 17 years and over Brendan O’Keefe took first place overall followed by his brother Liam O’Keefe, Oliver Hempsall, Christopher Baguley and Clive Brookes.

Benjamin Rees (18) took first place overall in the disability S6 category.