David Flitcroft getting familiar with Mansfield Town squad

Mansfield Town vs Swindon Town - Swindon Town manager David Flitcroft - Pic By James Williamson
Mansfield Town vs Swindon Town - Swindon Town manager David Flitcroft - Pic By James Williamson

New Stags boss David Flitcroft believes he is starting to understand his squad and what makes them tick after two weeks in the hot seat.

As he prepared his players for Saturday’s massive derby at Notts County, Flitcroft said: “The lads are looking good and being very receptive.

“Whatever manager takes over you always get that initial receptiveness for two or three days and then there is a drop off. But there hasn’t been that here. “There has been an intensity to learn and what they do. That’s really important.

“They are a fantastic group to work with. I am understanding the dynamics of it every day I am manager.

“I am understanding what makes them tick and getting to know the players as well. It’s important to know what their cause is as individuals, who they do it for, and try to get that common cause which is obviously promotion.”

Flitcroft said he had tweaked a few things since coming in to replace Steve Evans.

“We have altered things, but the players have taken it on board which I have been most impressed with,” he said.

“The squad has some fantastic characters in it and a willingness to learn.”

Flitcroft said it was important he is open and honest with his views on players, especially those not selected.

“We also have an openness and transparency in everything I do,” he said.

“One thing I have definitely given them is an honesty in what I have talked about. The more I get to know them the more I can delve into that, the more I can look to improve them.

“Everyone can improve. Everyone feels as though they have a fair and equal opportunity to get into the first team. The competition here is healthy.

“I can guarantee going forward that if someone wants to know why they’re not in the team I can explain that to them thoroughly, and tell them what they need to do to get into the team.

“I am very honest with players. That’s the only way. I was brought up that way as a person.

“As a player, if I wasn’t in the team I wanted to know why. I expected the manager to tell me why.

“If he made a football decision I could accept it. So I have always done that since I became a manager.”