Murray surprised by media coverage of mobile phone ban at Stags

Adam Murray
Adam Murray

Mansfield Town manager Adam Murray said he was surprised how many headlines had been made by him banning mobile phone from the club this week.

Concerned by his side’s lack of communication on the pitch, Murray moved to outlaw mobiles from One Call Stadium last weekend – a move that has been reported by national newspapers.

“It’s probably got more headlines than I expected it to,” he said.

“It’s not a new thing, we’d banned them anyway. It’s just that we only banned them through certain times and now they are banned full stop.

“You are not allowed to bring it into the building. I don’t understand why you should.”

Murray added: “It’s not just in football. I don’t like it and I have issues at home.

“I have four kids and they all think their life revolves around an iPhone.

“I’ve got issues with my oldest one at the minute with Snapchat or flapjack or whatever it is. It’s just ruining the world isn’t it?

“They come home from school and it’s like ‘where are the kids?’ They’ve gone to the cyberzone, see you tomorrow!”

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