Time to take more risks says Stags manager

Stags manager, David Flitcroft.
Stags manager, David Flitcroft.

Mansfield Town must go for the jugular and take more risks as the season builds to a thrilling climax.

That is the view of new boss David Flitcroft who has seen his players twice draw games after leading through trying to defend a single goal advantage instead of going for a second.

“We had a good morning with the players today, showing them the improvements we’re going to make and work on. I want to get the team high up the pitch,” he said.

“Once you go in the lead, it’s a real advantage to go looking for that second instead of sitting in and hoping you might get a win.

“It is sometimes a natural reaction to take what you’ve got and you feel safe in doing that.

“But we now have to have a risk strategy to go and cement three points. We need to show more of an appetite to kill teams off.

“The further we can get up the pitch, we’ll create more chances. Then we might put a team to bed or to the sword.”

Flitcroft has been frustrated to see too many long balls being pumped up to the forwards.

“It’s about quality work,” he said. “I felt at times we were just punting the ball up to Danny Rose.

“That’s probably been a trend of some of the work this season. It’s almost a go-to ball.

“We’ve got to make better calculations on the pitch. We have got to have more precise in our work and have more respect in our work.

“If we can retain the ball at the top of pitch more we can start adding the numbers, flooding it and suffocating teams at home.

“With the energy from the fans, they want that and they deserve that.

“This could be a really intimidating place if we get that balance right. Eight draws at home this season is too many.

“It’s my job now to put wins on the board at home and away.”