Academy of black belts

Taekwondo black belts
Taekwondo black belts

THE lofty reputation of HUCKNALL TAEKWONDO ACADEMY has been boosted again by an increase in the number of the club’s black belts.

After a grading, staged by the British Taekwondo Control Board, more than 50% of the academy’s members are now black belts, ranging from 1st dan to 5th dan.

The new grades were awarded to Carly Whitehead (4th dan), Wayne Watson (2nd dan) and Amelia Hemsley (1st poom, which is junior dan grade).

Taekwondo is quite a family affair for all three of them. Carly’s brother, Grant Whitehead, is also a 3rd dan black belt, while Wayne’s two children, Taylor and Bailey, are 2nd poom black belts and Amelia’s father, Phil, and little sister, Isabella, also train with the academy.

The academy trains at the Edgewood Leisure Centre on Edgewood Drive, Hucknall every Thursday evenings and Saturday morning.

Members are welcomed from the age of seven upwards, and anyone interested in joining should pop along to one of their sessions or ring chief instructor, Master Max Cully (5th dan) on 07751 573072.

OUR PHOTO shows Max Cully (right) and fellow instructor, Andy Thornley (left), with the new black belts, from left, Wayne Watson, Amelia Hemsley and Carly Whitehead.