ANGLING: Blown away by Blewitt

HIS name’s Blewitt — and he blew away the opposition in two open matches held at the GOOSEDALE FISHERIES in Bestwood Village.

In the first evening match of the new season, Blewitt (14lb 4oz) pipped Kev Holmes (14-1) by 3lb to secure first place in heavy rain.

And then, in Goosedale’s next Sunday match, he eased to victory with a bag weighing a very respectable 27-10. Other weights were: Darren Wright 24-0, Darren Davis 18-0, Ernie Davis 13-14, Steve Allcock 13-12 and Rob Lewis 8-8.

Other weights in the evening match were: Rob Lewis 13-6, Phil Hartshorne 12-4, Cliff Grainger 11-10 and Geoff Hemmings 4-12. Matches are now taking place every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Goosedale (draw 5pm, fish 5.45 pm to 8.45 pm).

ALAN Birch was the undoubted star of the show when HUCKNALL ANGLERS fished the Kingfisher Lake at the Birch House Lakes venue in Brailsford, Derbyshire last Sunday.

For his bag weighed a whopping 61lb 15oz to finish more than 30lb clear of the rest of the field. Other weights were: Brian Cross 31-4, Rob Daws 24-13, Tom Bakewell 24-13, Dennis Hall 24-11, Dave Clarke 9-4, Dave Rose 9-3, Derek Brough 7-6, Ray Pickin 7-5, Ken Shaw 6-15, Dudley Young 5-12 and Brad Livock 2-6.

Four members — Len Gill, Trevor Tideswell, Russ Tideswell and Pat Hall — did not weigh.

The club’s latest Thursday evening match at Forge Mills, Bestwood Village was won by Dennis Hall with 8lb 12oz.

Other weights were: Arthur Lovatt 2-9, Dave Wagg 1-14, Bob Finch 1-13, Dave Rose 1-8, Ray Pickin 0-12, Wayne Havercroft 0-11, Brian Cross 0-4 and Dave Wayte 0-4. Five members — Rob Daws, John Moore, Pat Hall, Steve Rose and Ernest Davis — did not weigh.

WEIGHTS from HUCKNALL TOWN ANGLING CLUB’S match at Oak Tree Lakes, Brinsley were:

Rob Lewis 26-0, Barry Blewitt 19-0, Craig Akin 18-8, Richard Charlton 17-8, Kev Blewitt 17-8, Colin Robinson 14-12, Barrie Robinson 12-8, Alan Lucas 11-10, Jimmy Craig 6-12, Kenny Knighton 3-4, Derek Alcock 2-9 and Mick Stanley 1-14.