ANGLING: Colin climbs to top of the pile

AN IMPRESSIVE haul of exactly 41lb fired Colin Robinson to the top of the pile in HUCKNALL TOWN ANGLING CLUB’S latest outing.

Fishing Woodhouse Lakes (Carwood Roadside) in Derbyshire, Robinson outgunned Dave Wright, who finished second with 37-0.

Other weights were: Richard Charlton 33-6, Barry Blewitt 32-4, Rob Lewis 28-4, Steve Knighton 28-0, Kev Blewitt 24-14, Craig Akin 17-5, Derek Alcock 14-0, Barrie Robinson 6-8, Mick Stanley 3-0, Jimmy Craig 2-0.

PICKINGS were slim as Terry Coltart took the honours during HUCKNALL ANGLERS’ match n the River Leen.

Coltart weighed in with 9lb 2oz.

Other weights were: Stephen Rose 3-12, Ken Shaw 1-15, Dennis Hall 1-5, Ernie Davis 0-15, Dave Rose 0-11, Ray Pickin 0-1. Three did not weigh.

JUST one ounce separated the top two as the club fished their base at Forge Mills in Bestwood Village on Thursday last week.

Rob Daws finished on top with 4lb 6oz, while Dave Rose recorded 4lb-5oz.

Other weights were: Bob Finch 1-9, Brian Cross 1-3, Darren Smith 1-1, Ray Pickin 0-4. Seven did not weigh.