ANGLING: Oak Lake ace Coltart surges clear of rest

IT was a case of Terry’s all gold when HUCKNALL ANGLERS took to the Oak Lake at the Beechwood Fisheries in Derbyshire last Sunday.

For the match was won by Terry Coltart with an impressive bag weighing 41lb 11oz — more than 22lb heavier than his nearest rival.

Other weights were: Dave Rose 19-7, Ray Pickin 19-0, Rob Daws 18-14, Dennis Hall 14-9, Brian Cross 13-9, Tony Beastall 11-14, Derek Brough 11-12, Ken Shaw 9-4, Brad Livock 8-4, Trev Tideswell 7-7, Dave Clarke 3-12, Russ Tideswell 2-14 and Tom Bakewell 1-7. Four members did not weigh.

The club’s latest Thursday night match at Forge Mill Ponds in Bestwood Village resulted in victory for Arthur Lovatt.

The full list of weights read: Lovatt 4-1, Ray Pickin 3-7, Brian Cross 2-14, Darren Smith 2-11, Dave Wayte 2-9, Stephen Rose 2-6, Dennis Hall 1-15 and Rob Daws 1-11. Two members, Pat Hall and Alan Birch, did not weigh.