ANGLING: Sandra shows them how it’s done

HUCKNALL Anglers lost Sunday’s challenge match against Bulwell’s The Matchmen in difficult conditions at Sherwood Farm, Holmedale.

The bad weather meant that lots of fish were lost by anglers, with the gusting wind making pole fishing very difficult at times.

A few pieces of tackle were also blown in, but eventually The Matchmen’s Sandra Maltby showed the men how it should be done, on the method feeder with meat, netting a total of 59lb 10oz to claim top spot over teammate Russ Hall with 53lb 10oz.

Russ Tideswell was the highest-placed Hucknall Angler in third (50-10) ,but The Matchmen won overall with 430lb against 289lb.

Other weights recorded in the top ten were: Richard Cook 34-12, Roy Varney 33-8, Trevor Tideswell 32-4, Colin Hunt 29-7, Scott Bradshaw 28-10, Terry Coltart 26-15 and Barry Holehouse 24-11.

Others in the Hucknall top ten were: Ray Pickin 21-13, Dave Clarke 21-6, Brian Cross 21-0, Arthur Daws 17-0, Alan Birch 16-0, Tom Bakewell and Rob Daws, both 13-0.

THE Thursday match at the club’s Forge Mills base saw Rob Daws win with a weight of 5lb 13oz, which would have also taken first place the week before.

Other weights were: Brian Cross 5-1, Arthur Lovatt 4-5, Darren Smith 3-15, Ernie Davis 3-13, Dennis Hall 3-1, Ray Pickin 2-13, Dave Wagg 2-1, Dave Wayte 1-9, Brad Livock 1-7, Pat Hall 1-5 abd Bob Finch 0-4. Three did not weigh.