Area part of network for social bike rides

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An inclusive cycle wear brand wants to kickstart a cycling revolution in every part of the country — starting in Hucknall.

Fat Lad At The Back (FLAB), which allows novice, regular and elite cyclists to join forces and participate in fun, social and supportive group cycling events, has launched an FLambassador network of social bike rides .

There will be 29 locations with local cyclist Theresa Peacock heading up the one in Hucknall as neighbourhood organiser.

She will plan accessible social rides across the area.

“I bought my first bike in 2011 to cycle to work, but quickly fell in love with cycling and started to notice the health and fitness benefits straight away,” she said.

“I used to be conscious about what other people thought of me when they saw me on my bike, but now I just love being out there. It helps me to clear my mind.

“I love to encourage others to get out there and cycle.

“It’s not a race, our FLAB groups are about meeting new people and helping each other to improve.

“We will be continuing our rides throughout autumn and winter, when it can be tough to get out there alone – so come and join us.”

The ethos of FLAB’s social rides is their famous “no-one left behind” approach.