Army of supporters cheers on Hucknall and Linby Dolphins

AN encouraging display by Dolphins.
AN encouraging display by Dolphins.

An army of vocal supporters cheered on HUCKNALL AND LINBY DOLPHINS on another night of superb swimming in the second round of the Notts ASA Stage Three Competition last Saturday.

Dolphins powered to one win, six runners-up spots, five third places and nine personal-best (PB) times in a closely-fought gala at the Lammas Centre in Sutton. And although they were unlucky not to hold on to the third place they held at halfway, their display still set them up nicely for the final round on 21st March.

“It was another exciting night, which saw us amass nearly 30 more points than in the previous round and only ten points from a third-place finish,” said a Dolphins spokesman.

Top marks went to classy 17-year-old Matt Bennison, who steamed to victory in the 100m individual medley. Individual second places were secured by Ed Turner (also 17) in the 100m backstroke, his 13-year-old brother, Mark Turner, in the 100m backstroke (PB), 12-year-old Ria Dennis in the 100m backstroke and 11-year-old Gabe Moth in the 100m freestyle.

In the relays, the 12-and-under medley squad of Dennis, Moth, Lynden Johnson (11) and Courtney Hutson (12), and the 14-and-under freestyle squad of Mark Turner, Mason Sims (14) and 13-year-olds Hannah Fairy and Hannah Brown also snapped up fine seconds.

Third places went to Moth, Bennison, Sims, Johnson and Mark Turner, while the other PBs were clocked by improving 11-year-old Curtis Flint, Sims, Brown, Fairy, Hutson, Moth, Johnson and Mark Turner.

RESULT -- Kimberley 161 points, Ripley 122, Mansfield B 85, Notts Northern 82, DOLPHINS 75.