Bassetlaw Cricket League to reduce number of teams in most divisions

BASSETLAW League changes.
BASSETLAW League changes.

The number of teams in most divisions of the Bassetlaw Cricket League, where Papplewick and Linby play, is to be reduced from 12 to ten.

The switch, which will not include the top division (Championship), will come into force in the 2017 season.

The thinking behind the change is to ease pressure on clubs struggling to field sides at the height of summer. Papplewick’s third-eleven had to pull out of several fixtures last term because they could not raise enough players.

The move will also prevent long-drawn-out seasons that have to start in April and end in late September, and prevent the need to play on Bank Holidays or Sundays to fit all fixtures in.

Grassroots cricket clubs across the country are worried by a decline in interest in the sport, which is leading to clubs folding or cutting back on the teams they have.