Call for boxer to be given title back

CALM AFTER THE STORM -- Shane McPhilbin (left) chats with Enzo Maccarinelli after their fight
CALM AFTER THE STORM -- Shane McPhilbin (left) chats with Enzo Maccarinelli after their fight

A BID has been launched to have Bulwell boxer Shane McPhilbin reinstated as the British cruiserweight champion — after it was revealed that the man who controversially beat him for the belt has been banned from the ring.

Ex-world champion Enzo Maccarinelli wrestled the Lonsdale belt from 27-year-old McPhilbin’s grasp after an astonishing cock-up from a timekeeper ended the first round 47 seconds premature.

The Welshman was struggling after being hit by stinging punches from the Bulwell fighter and was out on his feet.

But the respite allowed him to recover and win a unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

Now it has emerged that Maccarinelli has been forced to hang up his gloves for six months after testing positive for the banned substance in the aftermath of the McPhilbin fight.

He says he ‘naively’ took a sports supplement advertised as a fat burner.

Recently he gave up the belt in light of the failed doping test.

He has since apologised to boxing fans and is even considering legal action against the publication in which the supplement was advertised.

But Carl Greaves, McPhilbin’s manager, is set to contact the British Board Of Boxing Control (BBBC) to see if his fighter can be installed as champion ahead of any title fight.

He said: “He is due to fight for the vacant title any way, But this affects the purse.”

In a statement, Maccarinlli said: “I was extremely surprised and disturbed to have tested positive for a banned substance.

“I purchased a product called Dexaprine from a combat magazine. The advert stated that it was an approved substance and I checked the ingredients which had no reference to any banned substance that I was aware of.

“In fact, it also stated that it was suitable for athletes.

“I have since found out that this ‘fat burner’ contained a substance and consequently I failed a dope test, albeit with a very low reading.

“I wish to state that this substance was in no way used to gain any advantage in the ring or enhance my performance.

“I have been tested more than 20 times in my career and have never failed a doping test.

“But on this occasion, due to my naivety, I have tested positive for a banned substance.

“I voluntarily vacated my championship to allow Shane McPhilbin the opportunity to re-challenge for it while I serve my six months’ suspension.

“I could not bear the thought of holding such a prestigious championship if anyone thought that I hadn’t won it fairly.”