Carp-happy Saunders doubles up for Hucknall Town anglers

Rod-licence checks have been carried out.
Rod-licence checks have been carried out.

The toast of HUCKNALL TOWN ANGLING CLUB is Mark Saunders after two blockbusting victories in matches at Longford, near Derby, and the Little John Lakes in Ollerton.

Saunders battered the field at Longford, taking carp to 8lb on long pole to island with meat at regular intervals to amass a total weight of 102lb 12oz. That more than doubled the weight of second-placed Baz Blewitt (44-0), who had carp to 6lb and silvers, and third-placed Craig Akin, who enjoyed a late surge of carp in the last two hours to weigh in with 40-0.

Other returns were: Reece Akin 32-6, Chris Porter 31-6, Kev Blewitt 29-9, Russ Tideswell 27-8, Alan Lucas 18-8, Steve Knighton 13-9 and Trevor Tideswell 8-4.

Tackling the Maid Marian Lake at the Ollerton fishery, Saunders showed his class despite windy conditions. He took carp up to 8lb, fishing on pole at 6m on pellet to win the match with a haul of 97lb 3oz. Russ Tideswell did well to fish with pellet waggler to the island to take carp to 5lb and finish second with 65-0, while Kev Blewitt fished feeder to the island to finish third on 41-6.

In a match where barbel to 7lb and sturgeon to 5lb were also landed, the other weights were: Alan Lucas 39-2, Steve Knighton 39-0, Baz Blewitt 37-7, Craig Akin 30-15, Reece Akin 19-15, Dave Wright 10-0 and Trevor Tideswell 10-0.

THE in-form Lee Woodings registered another victory for HUCKNALL ANGLERS -- this time at Robinwood Lakes Fishery in Derby.

But it was a close shave because Woodings (31lb 8oz) finished only just ahead of Alan Birch (30-12), with Brian Cross (27-5) not far behind either. Other weights: Derek Brough 26-2, Ray Pickin 25-9, Dudley Young 24-14, Rob Daws 24-3, Ernie Davis 16-4, Arthur Daws 12-15, Brad Livock 12-13, Dennis Hall 10-13, Paul Machin 9-1, Liam Marciniak 5-8, Dave Clarke 2-13 and Tom Bakewell 0-9. This Sunday’s match is at the Little John Lakes in Ollerton.

The Thursday night match at Forge Mill Pond, Bestwood Village was won by Darren Smith with 5-9, ahead of Bob Finch 3-1, Dave Wayte 2-11, Arthur Lovatt 1-10, Ray Pickin 0-7 and Brian Cross 0-3.