EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Lyttle explains why he quit Hucknall Town

EX-BOSS -- Des Lyttle
EX-BOSS -- Des Lyttle

THE SCARY prospect of leading a club where finances came first and football came second.

That was the main reason Des Lyttle has quit as manager of Hucknall Town.

In an exclusive interview with the Dispatch, former Nottingham Forest full-back Lyttle spoke of why he has backtracked on his initial decision to battle on at Watnall Road next season.

“I have thought about it long and hard in recent weeks,” he said. “What went on last season and where the club is going.

“In the end, it’s a football thing and I don’t think it’s for me.

“I am a football man and when I am told that football is not the main priority, I can’t bow to that. I can’t work with that mentality.

“I can see that the club have financial problems and I can understand why they should say that.

“It’s not the fault of the club how they got into such a financial mess. How they got into that state, I don’t know, and I don’t know who is to blame.

“But it is hard to see where the club is going after what has gone on and from what I have seen and heard.”

Although he was not contracted to Town and although he lost almost half his league games in charge, the club were keen for Lyttle to remain at the helm.

But the parameters of his job have changed since he was first enlisted by Steve Greaves and Michael Johnson amid the promise of big investment and restoring the glory days to Town.

Although the Greaves budget for players’ wages was originally met by the club, it has now been cut to about £1,000 per week.

And after talking with his players, it’s clear Lyttle would have lost many of them to better offers from rival clubs next term, forcing him to rebuild using local signings from the Nottinghamshire circuit or youngsters.

“Hucknall Town are a good club and there are some good people there,” Lyttle went on.

“But when Steve Greaves and Michael Johnson brought me in, the club was supposed to be moving onwards and upwards.

“Some said I should have gone when they went. But I said I’d stay and see it out and I felt I did an OK job.

“However I know next year is going to be tough, especially with me living in the West Midlands (between Wolverhampton and Stafford).

“It’s a one hour, 20 minute drive for me to and from Hucknall, and I would have been eating up a lot of the budget myself on wages and travelling expenses. It just wouldn’t have worked.

“I didn’t want to try and start something and then leave pre-season or ten games into the season.

“It’s time for the club to get someone local in to try and move the place forward.

“It is my decision 100% and nothing to do with the club.

“I haven’t done it because I have another job lined up and I haven’t done it to walk away from trouble. I have never walked away from trouble in my life.

“But I just think too much has gone on and is still going on.”