Falcon dish out titles and trophies to top swimmers of year

WINNERS ALL -- Hucknall Falcon swimmers line up with their trophies and awards.
WINNERS ALL -- Hucknall Falcon swimmers line up with their trophies and awards.

Titles and trophies galore were bestowed on Hucknall Falcon swimmers after their annual club championships, which were spread over four weekends.

Most of the swimmers competed in races over 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and individual medley, while the youngest, aged eight and under, raced over 25m.

Points collected from each event gave the club rankings for each age group. The winners and runners-up were:

BOYS -- 8yo Luke Chambers and Japu Nat Gangotra, 9yo Cormac Maher and Zak Frisby, 10yo Dylan Walker and Isaac Bennison, 11yo Charlie Stenson and Matthew Burke, 12yo Tyler-Jay Pritchett and Kieran Dosanjh, 13yo Thomas Palin and James Sargent, 14yo George Webster and Jai Raison, 15yo Adam Webber and no runner-up, Open Tom Howarth and Ben Canavan-Taylor.

GIRLS -- 8yo Lola Halmshaw and Amber Walker, 9yo Stacey Wilson and Shannon Williams, 10yo Hannah Bennison and Rhianna Wright, 11yo Evie Allsop and Holly Bramwell-Ward, 12yo Emily Butler and Ella Maher, 13yo Grace Allsop and Sophie Hutson, 14yo Ellie Barker and no runner-up, 15yo Elise Connor and Emma Hutson, Open Sophie Melvin and Jessica Howarth.

The annual trophies were also handed out in a presentation ceremony at America Farm, Annesley. The winners were:

BOYS -- Cormac Maher (2), Dylan Walker (4), Tyler-Jay Pritchett (5), Jai Raison (2), Ben Canavan-Taylor, Zak Frisby (2), Joseph Lilley, Thomas Palin, George Webster (4), Tom Howarth (4), Luke Chambers, Kyle Raison (2), Adam Webber (2), Sam Murden, Isaac Bennison.

GIRLS -- Stacey Wilson (4), Evie Allsop (6), Sophie Hutson, Ellie Barker (3), Sophie Melvin (6), Grace Allsop (5), Emma Hutson, Lola Halmshaw, Elise Connor, Jessica Howarth, Lianna Townsend.