Fond farewell to Hucknall and Linby Dolphins ‘legends’

FOND FAREWELL -- to Dolphins 'legends', Matt Bennison (left) and Ed Turner.
FOND FAREWELL -- to Dolphins 'legends', Matt Bennison (left) and Ed Turner.

On their return to Notts ASA Stage Three Competition action, HUCKNALL AND LINBY DOLPBHINS waved a fond farewell to two of the club’s ‘legends’, Matt Bennison and Ed Turner.

The Bramcote gala was likely to be the final competitive meet for the 17-year-olds, who have served Dolphins with passion and talent for many years.

Bennison joined the club at the age of seven and Turner just before his fifth birthday! Both have enjoyed success at the county championships in the past, and both produced fine performances at Bramcote, with Bennison finishing second in the 100m individual medley and 100m breaststroke.

Dolphins finished fifth in a gala that was won by their local rivals, HUCKNALL FALCON. But they proved they have some promising swimmers coming through to replace the likes of Bennison and Turner, recording four second places, six thirds and eight personal-best times.

The other runners-up spots were bagged by 11-year-old Gabe Moth in the 100m freestyle and 12-year-old Bella Sheridan in the 100m breaststroke. They also registered thirds, along with junior girls’ captain Ria Dennis, who celebrated double bronze, 13-year-old Mark Turner and the 12-and-under medley relay team.

RESULT -- FALCON 139 points, Worksop 136, Carlton Frum 119, Northern 88, DOLPHINS 71.