Girl footballers deliver boxes of Christmas cheer

Linby Ladies with selection boxes
Linby Ladies with selection boxes

THE GENEROUS girls of the Linby-based Notts County Ladies Football Club have been spreading Christmas cheer across the Dispatch district.

In what has become an annual gesture of goodwill, players have collected selection boxes.

And now the treats have gone out to family care organisations who are to distribute them to needy children in deprived areas of Nottinghamshire, including Hucknall and Bulwell.

Explained club chairman Andrew Eastwood: “The selection-box idea came from two players in our senior team, twins Carolanne and Hazel Clarke, who have been collecting them for the last few years.

“On hearing this, we thought what a great idea, especially at this time of year.

“We asked players to bring along a selection box to donate on training night and we were so pleased with the response.

“I believe the response this year has surpassed other years and we at Notts County Ladies like to think we have played a small part in making some other children very happy this Christmas. We thank our players for their kind donations.”

Notts County Ladies, who play and train at Church Lane, Linby, used to be called Linby Colliery Welfare Ladies until merging with The Magpies last summer.

OUR PHOTO shows the Linby players with the selection boxes they donated, all wrapped up for Christmas delivery.