Hit target at archery night

WITH the London Olympic Games less than 100 days away, many new sports are likely to be tried in the Dispatch district this year.

So how about considering archery?

Hucknall boasts a flourishing, long-standing club in the Rolls-Royce Bowmen Of Sherwood.

And they are staging a ‘Have A Go’ evening for beginners at their base, the Rolls-Royce Leisure Club, off Watnall Road, on Friday (April 27).

Budding archers of all ages are invited to pop along between 6 pm and 8 pm to learn more about the sport.

“Although not a sport as widely practised as others, such as football, archery is a very rewarding sport to get involved with,” says Bowmen spokesman David Jackson.

“The sport teaches discipline, structure, posture and good muscle-tone. You have to concentrate on yourself and your actions at all times while shooting.”

Bowmen hope the ‘Have A Go’ evening will raise the profile of the club. It is part of the Ontarget development programme run by the Archery GB organisation, which “recognises the commitment and vital role clubs play in growing the sport”.

“The club is attempting to increase its membership and retain use of the leisure facilities at Rolls-Royce,” adds Jackson.

“We will be holding quite a few national and county competitions at Rolls during 2012, which will be a first for the club for many years.”

The Bowmen club was founded back in 1956 as the archery section of the Rolls-Royce Social Club.

Orginally, it was open only to Rolls employees. But now, it welcomes anyone and currently has 45 members, including ladies and juniors, who shoot a range of recurve bows, compounds and longbows from distances ranging from 20 yards to 100 yards.

Summer sessions are staged at Rolls every Wednesday and Friday evening between April and September, while indoor winter sessions are staged every Saturday afternoon between October and March at the Robert Barber Sports Hall in Newthorpe.

The club is also running a beginners’ course, with limited spaces available, starting on Wednesday May 2.