Hucknall’s 13-game run ends

IN THE Notts Federation Saturday 3x3 League, there was disappointment for Hucknall Rolls, who lost 5-1 (53 shots to 69) to Selston to bring to an end a 13-game winning streak.

Janet Adams, Mark Foulds and Dave Adams won 24-21. Ann Taylor, John Walker and Roy Walker lost 25-11, while Rose Hobbs, Stuart Newton and Alan Parker went down 23-18.

IN Division One of the Notts Federation Midweek League, Rolls bounced back to beat Greasley 5-1 (49-45).

Ann Taylor, Adam Wright and Bert Wright dropped five shots on the first two ends and despite a fightback lost 20-16. Lily Bennington, John Etches and Alan Parker won 14 -12. while Maureen Gunn, Geoff Gunn and Alan Harvey pulled away to win 19-13, having stood deadlocked at 10 apiece after ten ends.

ROLLS maintained their form in Division One of the Notts Federation Midweek League with a 6.5-0.5 win (78-75) victory over Burton Joyce.

Rose Hobbs, Keith Powell and Alan Parker, although winning on ten of the 18 ends and picking up a seven, drew 18-18. Maureen Gunn, Greg Umney and Geoff Gunn needed to score three on the last two ends to win 20-17. Ann Taylor, Stuart Newton and Mark Foulds won 21-11 and Pauline Harvey, John Etches and Alan Harvey came through 19-9.

IN THE same division, against Sherwood, Rolls lost 6-1 (78-49).

It was a slight hiccup by Rolls with the only winning rink being Ann Taylor, Keith Powell and Roy Walker (20-7). Lily Bennington, John Etches and Bert Wright lost 23-10, Pauline Harvey, Adam Wright and Alan Harvey lost 30-9, while Rose Hobbs, Mark Foulds and Stuart Newton scored only six of the 18 ends and lost 18-10.

VICTORY was achieved by Rolls in Notts EBA Mixed League, Division Two, action against Wollaton with Rolls winning 6-1 (54-51).

Rose Hobbs, Greg Umney and Stuart Newton could not find their form and went down 22-4.

The rink to secure the win was that of Maureen Gunn, Keith Powell and Geoff Gunn, who came home 19-6 ahead, while victories were also registered by Ann Taylor, John Etches and Mark Foulds (15 -11) and Lily Bennington, John Walker and Alan Parker (16-12).