JUDO: Better belts for Edgewood judokas

THE LOFTY reputation of Hucknall-based EDGEWOOD JUDO CLUB jumped another notch when no fewer than 30 of their members gained new promotions.

The judokas were successful at a British Judo Association technical grading session, which was held at Skegby Royal British Legion Judo Club.

The Edgewood roll of honour reads:

Jess Hill (3rd kyu senior green belt); James Heathcote (7th mon, orange belt and one tag); Daniel Khiari, Jai Raison, Harry Shotton and Oskar Wrzesniewksi (all 6th mon, yellow belt and three tags); Ryan Bell, Charlotte Burman, Curtis Flint, Molly Pullen, Luke Sanders and Benjamin Watkin (all 4th mon, yellow belt and one tag).

Joseph Allsop, Ethan Gascoigne and Harry Hibbert (all 3rd mon, red belt and three tags); Erin Brough, Max Bryan, Oscar Green, Nathan Henshaw, Oliver Smith, Daniel Varnam and Katie Williams (all 2nd mon, red belt and two tags); Benjamin Dodds, Joseph Dodds, Holly Farbrother, Arron Rogers, Brooke Sloat, Kayleigh Sloat, Lucy Sloat and Callum Smoczyk (all 1st mon, red belt and one tag).