Kickboxing sisters win four titles in one weekend

Josie Callan
Josie Callan

ALL-action Hucknall kickboxing sisters Josie and Lucie Callan are going from strength to strength.

The dynamic duo, who live on Oakenhall Avenue, brought home two British titles and two gold medals in one weekend.

Lucie Callan

Lucie Callan

Having defeated Scottish champion Amie Boyle in May, Lucie (11) went to Blackburn to fight the champion of Wales, Angus McCann. Five thrilling rounds ended in a hard-fought victory for Lucie.

In the same competition, Josie (13) won by a technical knockout when her opponent failed to come out for the second round.

The next morning the two sisters took part in the Junior Full Contact Council (JFCC) contest in Newark.

That was where they got their gold meals, with Lucie winning in her category of 10 to 12 years under-35 kilograms (kg).

As no-one entered Josie’s category for 13-to-15 under-40kg, she had to move up to under-45kg.

She found herself up against 15-year-old Kelsea Carrol from the K9 Gym in Great Yarmouth, who is arguably the best kickboxer in the country for her age and weight group.

As it turned out, Josie was full of confidence and beat Kelsea in convincing style.

The sisters’ father, Garry, said: “Josie has looked up to Kelsea for the past two years but she may now have to reset her sights.”

Proof that the girls’ ambition knows no bounds was provided at a further event in Ipswich.

Josie boldly took on a 17-year-old girl — four years older than herself and 10kg heavier — and although she did not win, it was a close-run affair.

After losing the first round, Josie won the second and was only narrowly beaten in the decisive third.

Meanwhile, Lucie won her two fights emphatically, stopping both her opponents in the first round.

The sisters are members of Torkard Kickboxing Club, which was set up by Garry, and they first took an interest in kickboxing as a response to bullying.

They have clearly benefited from a tough training programme which was set up by their dad and includes running up to four miles a day, as well as making full use of a ring at their home.

Josie goes to Holgate Comprehensive School, Hucknall and Lucie is a pupil at the town’s Broomhill Junior School.

Lucie was a nominee for this year’s Ashfield ‘Sportsperson of the Year’ award and Josie was nominated for a Pride of Hucknall award.Garry commented: “As they have now beaten the best Britain has to offer, we may have to start looking abroad for good competition.”

n OUR PHOTOS show the sisters, Lucie (left) and Josie, with some of their latest titles.