Major archery shoot at Hucknall’s Rolls-Royce site

GOLDEN SHOTS -- the Hucknall club is thriving at present
GOLDEN SHOTS -- the Hucknall club is thriving at present

Archers from all over the country descended on the Rolls-Royce sports field in Hucknall for a prestigious tournament.

The tourney was the first of three East Midland League competitions to be staged at the Rolls site, off Watnall Road, this year.

The all-day shoot, which started at 10 am, attracted the largest-ever entry of archers at Rolls -- more than 150 of all disciplines from clubs across the UK.

The competition was staged by the Rolls-Royce Bowmen Of Sherwood club, which dates back to 1956 and is one of the most respected and enduring sporting organisations in Hucknall.

The club is thriving at present. Membership has risen from 34 six years ago to more than 70, of all ages.

Last year, the club received a grant of £1,000 from the Olympics Legacy Fund and also won community status within the Archery GB organisation to help them grow interest in the sport in local schools.

“Archery is fast becoming a very popular sport,” said Bowmen official Clair Whiffin. “It is not just a point-and-shoot sport.

“Our club has shooters who represent the county and even a junior member in the under-12s county team.”

The club welcomes any new members. “Archery is a very rewarding sport to get involved with,” says development officer David Jackson.

“It teaches discipline, and helps structure, posture and good muscle-tone.”