Make way for BMX babies!

Members of Nottingham Outlaws BMX Club.
Members of Nottingham Outlaws BMX Club.

TODDLERS as young as 18 months old could soon be strutting their stuff on a BMX circuit in Bulwell.

And no, although the action is scheduled for April 1, it’s no April Fool’s joke!

For the renowned Nottingham Outlaws BMX Club are staging the UK’s first-ever balance-bike competition at their track on Sellers Wood Drive.

Children aged from 18 months to five years are being invited to test their skills on two wheels in the competition a week on Sunday (April 1).

The youngsters will race on balance bikes, without pedals, that have been made by a company called Strider.

The event has been organised by Phil Gray-Blest, who is Outlaws’ chief guru.

Says Gray-Blest: “We’re really pleased to have the Strider team join us for their first full Strider Cup event in the UK.

“It means that we are now able to give children from 18 months the chance to try cycling in a fun, competitive and safe play environment.

“This is the second year that our club races have included novice BMX races specifically for new riders. This new balance-bike event will enable even younger riders to get involved.”

Strider Cup and World Cup races are held all over the world. They are designed to help children learn co-ordination.

The Strider racing at Bulwell will mark the start of the first-ever official series of balance-bike races held on British soil.