Melvin’s marvels salute 13 as Hucknall Falcon’s magic number!

LUCKY FOR SOME! -- the Falcon swimmers who returned home with 13 victories from the Derby and Notts Junior League gala.
LUCKY FOR SOME! -- the Falcon swimmers who returned home with 13 victories from the Derby and Notts Junior League gala.

Thirteen was far from an unlucky number for the HUCKNALL FALCON swimmers who contested the second round of the Derby and Notts Junior League at Sharley Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield.

For that was how many victories Falcon amassed in a gala that rewarded them with a close third place, only 14 points behind the winners, Rykneld.

“All I can say about the performance is: brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!” shrieked head coach Ian Melvin. “Thankyou to everyone who helped.”

Three young swimmers, Yana Ghandhi, Kyle Townsend and Lucas Palmer, took part in their first gala. And Ghandhi was among the winners, racing to individual success in the nine-year-old girls’ 25m backstroke and also forming part of the ten-and-under girls’ team that landed the 4X25 medley relay, alongside Tilly Gunn, Evie Allsop and Holly Bramwell-Ward.

Allsop also won the ten-year-old girls’ 50m breaststroke, while Bramwell-Ward also won the ten-year-old girls’ 50m freestyle.

Doubles were recorded too by Dylan Walker, who took the nine-year-old boys’ 25m freestyle and 25m butterfly, and by Emily Butler, who took the 11-year-old girls’ 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle.

Falcon’s other individual victors were Finley Ellis in the ten-year-old boys’ 50m freestyle, Benjamin Davies in the 11-year-old boys’ 50m breaststroke and Dylan Hutchinson in the nine-year-old boys’ 25m backstroke.

Two other relay triumphs were secured by the 12-and-under girls’ 4X25m freestyle team of Tara Connor, Rebecca Fitch, Sophie Stevenson and Evie Tuckwood and by the 8X25m cannon team.

Nine second-places were also achieved by Falcon swimmers, including Grace Allsop (12-year-old girls’ 50m butterfly), Dylan Hutchinson (nine-year-old boys’ 25m breaststroke) and Holly Bramwell-Ward (ten-year-old girls’ 50m butterfly).

Six relay runners-up spots were clinched by the 11-year-old girls’ 4X25m freestyle team (Katrine Wilson, Hettie Chambers, Holly Bramwell-Ward and Emily Butler), the mixed nin-year-olds’ 4X25m freestyle team (Dylan Hutchinson, Yana Ghandhi, Mya Orton and Dylan Walker), the 11-year-old girls’ 4X25m medley team (Tilly Gunn, Emily Butler, Hettie Chambers and Katrine Wilson), the ten-year-old boys’ 4X25m freestyle team (Finley Ellis, Jacob Webster, Lucas Palmer and Dylan Walker), the ten-year-old girls’ 4X25m freestyle team (Tilly Gunn, Holly Bramwell-Ward, Mya Orton and Evie Allsop) and the mixed nine-year-olds’ 4X25m medley team (Mya Orton, Dylan Walker, Dylan Hutchinson and Yana Ghandhi).

To cap off a night to remember, Falcon youngsgters also clocked a staggering total of 46 personal-best times.

RESULT -- Rykneld 213 points, Southwell 204, FALCON 199, Matlock and District 180, Mansfield B 100.