New promotions for Edgewood judokas

No fewer than 22 judokas from the Hucknall-based EDGEWOOD JUDO CLUB achieved new promotions after taking part in a technical grading session staged by the British Judo Association at Skegby last Saturday.

The roll of honour read: James Heathcote (13th mon, blue belt and one tag), Daniel Khiari (12th mon, green belt and three tags), Oskar Wrzesniewski (11th mon, green belt and two tags), Ryan Bell, Ethan Gascoigne and Jai Raison (9th mon, orange belt and three tags).

Joseph Allsop (8th mon, orange belt and two tags), Nathan Henshaw (7th mon, orange belt and one tag), Dylan Green (6th mon, yellow belt and three tags), Harry Orton, Ellise Palmer, Emile Palmer, Bethan Smith and Oliver Smith (4th mon, yellow belt and one tag).

Bethany Compton, Leah Morgan, Alisha Norman and Kieren Roden (3rd mon, red belt and three tags), Taylor Barker, William Midgley and Igor Wrzesniewski (2nd mon, red belt and two tags) and Samuel Nash (1st mon, red belt and one tag).

The long-standing club, which is based at the Edgewood Primary School complex on Christchurch Road, holds sessions every Monday evening for novices, graded players and under-eights. Chief Steve Wilkins (2nd dan) is one of the most respected coaches in the county.