Notts Darts top of table

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE top Division One of the British Inter-Counties Darts League after a 24-12 victory over West Midlands in their first home match of the season at the Rolls-Royce Leisure Club in Hucknall.

The ladies’ B team of Kelly Henry, Maggie Bamford, Karen Staton, Ellie Dunn, Jenny Whatmough and Kelly Stevenswon won 4-2 with Jenny Whatmough lady-of-the-match with a 18.04 average and a 3-1 win.

Next up was the men’s B team of Neil Lawton, Ash Spencer, Tom Allies, Jay Foreman, Daz Layden, Graham Cook, Mark Pearson, Nick Barton, Mick Pitchford, Trev Ellis, Wayne Pepper and Wes Deane, who came through 8-4 with man-of-match Jay Foreman bagging a 28.28 average and a 3-2 win.

Into the second day of competition, the ladies’ team secured a 3-3 draw in the hands of Julie Pipe, Sara Faulkner, Leslie Allick, Helen Harvey, Kristy Handford and Nicola McNamara. Lady-of-the-match went to Harvey with a 21.56 average and a 3-1 win.

It was left to the men’s A team to bring victory home and they did so 9-3 thanks to Andy Kerr, Derek Shipley, Tim Broadhurst, Andy McCracken, Neil Ward, Neil Birkin, Pete McConville, Paul Harvey, Mark Wilson, Jay Foreman, Dave McGarry and Brian Kirk. Man-of-the-match was Shipley with a 4-2 success and 29.17 average.