Ray is Pick of last match

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THE HONOURS in the final HUCKNALL ANGLERS match of the summer season went to Ray Pickin with a weight of 23lb 13oz at Oaktree Fishery.

Other weights recorded were: Dennis Hall 18-15, Derek Brough 13-14, Dave Clarke 11-13, Dudley Young 8-2, Ernie Davis 8-0, Russ Tideswell 5-10, Ken Shaw 5-4, Arthur Daws 5-0, Rob Daws 4-0, Brian Cross 3-8, Chris Porter 3-8, Tom Bakewell 3-4, Pat Hall 2-12. Brad Livock, Trevor Tideswell and Tony Beastall did not weigh.

The next match at Hemington is the start of the winter season.

STEVE Knighton was once again top dog in HUCKNALL TOWN ANGLING CLUB’S match on Maid Marian Lake at Little John Fishery, Ollerton, with a 48lb 5oz bag.

Other weights were: Barry Blewitt 41-1, Dave Wright 22-5, Rob Lewis 17-15, Kev Blewitt 17-1, Rich Charlton 14-14, Jimmy Craig 13-8, Colin Robinson 8-7, Barrie Robinson 8-5, Craig Akin 6-12, Mick Stanley 4-6, Derek Alcock 1-14. Alan Lucas did not weigh.