Rising Bulwell boxing talent claims two challenge belts

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Bulwell’s rising boxing talent Jordan Ringham is the proud holder of two challenge belts - won in the same month.

He lifted the Notts & Lincs Area Elite Light Heavyweight Challenge Belt after overcoming Sutton’s Nic Cartwright at the Arnold School of Boxing on November 6.

And, not one to rest on his laurels, Ringham then powered past Richard Twist from Leicester to claim the East Midlands Region Elite Challenge Belt three weeks later.

Mark Rithcie, honorary secretary and competition matchmaker of Bulwell Hall Amateur Boxing Club, heaped praise on the young talent who has achieved a rare feat in the sport.

Ritchie said: “It’s a remarkable achievement for Bulwell Hall ABC.

“Should Jordan win either of the belts just twice more then he gets to keep it for life, but for now will have to keep a tight guard on them as there are plenty of light heavyweight opponents waiting in the shadows for the chance to challenge him for them.

“The challenge belts were introduced to amateur boxing five years ago as a new initiative for senior boxers to compete for and more of the boxing regions are adopting their own.

“The move is more than popular and it seems that at times the boxers just can’t get enough of them.”

Ringham’s achievement did not come without its wobbles as in the second rout of his title fight with Empire ABC’s Cartwright he was caught momentarily to a standing eight count.

“Nic would continue forward and aimed to use his notorious dangerous hooks but Jordan is quite adept at ducking and side stepping, and therefore his evasive work proved to be too clever,” said Ritchie.

“Using these techniques to his advantage Jordan was able to land with enough punches of his own in the 3rd round to ultimately seal the contest and win the vacant belt.”

The win had barely sunk in when he was asked to challenge for the vacant East Midlands belt against Twist, of Sileby Boxing Academy ABC, who he had beaten in April.

That win was the only stat to seprate them as both their weight and record leading up to the fight were identical. And it showed.

Richard managed to take an early lead by controlling the first round with his well time counter punches.

The man from Leicester had clearly done his homework and remembered his previous ring experience with Jordan before.

Not to be deterred Jordan decided it was time to turn up the pressure and so returned with his own array of punches and style to even the contest after 2 rounds and take it until the final bell.

Ritchie recalled: “Some neat counter punching of his own this time assisted Jordan but it still didn’t stop Richard from throwing everything that he had at him.

“Very much like a chess match the contest was a battle of tactics, wits and sheer power from start to finish. A split decision. It was and could never have been anything else, it was just too close to call.

And added: “Richard is a formidable opponent and is certainly not to be underestimated. He may have been bested by Jordan twice now but that should not for a second take anything away from him.

“He has pushed Jordan to the very edge and tested him both physically and mentally as a boxer and should be commended for his gallant efforts.”

Shaun O’Dowd, the son of former head coach and Bulwell Hall ABC who sadly passed away last year, has taken over the reins and is pictured with Jordan Ringham.