SWIMMING: Falcon on cloud ninth!

AN EMPHATIC victory rounded off the Notts Autumn Minor Gala League campaign for HUCKNALL FALCON, who finished a respectable ninth in the 16-team table.

Hosting the final gala at their Hucknall Leisure Centre pool, Falcon won an impressive 24 races, with junior girls’ captain Amelia Sale again the star performer.

Sale racked up a hat-trick of wins in the 12-and-under 100m individual medley in a personal-best (PB) time, 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle (PB).

Six swimmers also gained excellent double triumphs, led by Rhys Taylor in the 11-and-under 100m individual medley and 100m freestyle.

The other five were Holly Whitehead in the ten-and-under 50m backstroke (PB) and breaststroke, Sean Waterhouse in the 12-and-under 50m butterfly (PB) and 100m freestyle (PB), Ellie-May Gunn in the 11-and-under 50m backstroke (PB) and butterfly (PB) and Jarrod Davies in the 12-and-under 50m backstroke (PB) and breaststroke.

The individual successes were completed by Josh Pearson (11-and-under 50m backstroke, PB), Megan Miles (12-and-under 50m freestyle), Adam Webber (ten-and-under 25m butterfly, PB), Emma Hutson (11-and-under 2X50m backstroke/breaststroke) and Oliver Bradbury (11-and-under 2X50m backstroke/breaststroke).

In the relay races, there were victories for the boys’ ten-and-under medley team of Jack Yardley, Pierce Raynor, Webber and Curtis Gregory, the boys’ 11-and-under freestyle team of Taylor, Pearson, Bradbury and Webber, the girs’ 12-and-under freestyle team of Sale, Miles, Alice Stringer and Whitehead and the boys’ 12-and-under freestyle team of Raison, Waterhouse, Taylor and Davies.

Valuable second-place finishes were secured by Yardley, Poppy Judd, Miles, Pearson, Raynor and the girls’ ten-and-under medley relay team of Whitehead, Judd, Sophie Hutson and Ellie-Marie Barker.

RESULT — FALCON 197 points, Leander B 183, HUCKNALL AND LINBY DOLPHINS 162, Mansfield B 88.

FINAL TABLE — Calverton 37 points, Bramcote 36, Leander A 35, Sherwood 32, Sutton 27, Mansfield A 24, Carlton Forum 19, Worksop 17, FALCON 17, Arnold 16, Leander B 14, Kimberley 13, DOLPHINS 10, Retford 9, Newark 8, Mansfield B 8.