TOWN IN TURMOIL: ‘Club will survive’, insists ex-chairman

THE man who guided Hucknall Town through their glory years is convinced the club WILL survive its latest crisis.

Brian Holmes, who was chairman for nine years and is currently the club’s president, led the crunch meeting at which a vote of no confidence was given in outgoing chairman Steve Greaves.

And Holmes says that members had the choice between a ‘saint’ (chief executive Liz Morley) and Greavsie.

“I did my best to put the case for both sides,” explained former millionaire businessman Holmes (68).

“But the ‘old regime’ within the club voted Steve out — and I can perhaps understand why.

“Liz is a fantastic person. She has everything at the club worked out really well. I wish her luck in moving the club on.

“There were pros and cons for both sides at the meeting. But Steve didn’t handle it well at all. It was a bit of a rough approach.

“If Liz has acquired the funds that she seems to have — and I believe everything she says — then the club will be OK.

“The club will survive but whether there will be enough for a playing budget, I don’t know.”

However Holmes continues to warn that more volunteers must be found to run Town and bolster the club’s committee.

“As I said at the meeting, too many people are just sitting on the hands,” added Holmes.

“Nobody wants to do anything. All they want to do is moan. The views on the fans’ forum are a disgrace. Nobody wants to believe anything they are told.

“They have no idea what it takes to run a football club like Hucknall Town. Nobody wants to come forward. All they want to do is moan.

“Unless people come forward to serve on the committee, the club could shut down.”